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Where is the Lost Coast? For us, the Lost Coast is more of a journey or state of mind than a destination.

It’s a goal of living a life less ordinary – an active and healthy life full of adventures both big and small. A life of challenging your perceptions and pushing yourself to try something different.

It’s a life full of purpose and meaning, where you challenge your fears and never stop exploring the world around you.

On the Lost Coast, you can be who you want to be. You can work towards fulfilling your potential, and learning more about yourself and the world that surrounds us;

To breaking out of the mould and not being defined by what others think or say about you;

To living life without the regret that you didn’t do what you wanted to do.

Our mission is to join you and support you with a goal of living life to its fullest.

We invite you to Explore, Dream and Discover the Lost Coast with us.

Our mission

We at Lost Coast Food Co. are inspired by the Southern California lifestyle where an active, healthy lifestyle is the norm. Enjoying a morning jog, surfing in the warm sunshine and eating naturally delicious and nutritious foods are part of daily life.

We aim to change the way you see drinks and snacks by offering products that are absolutely delicious and refreshing, but also good for you. Using all-natural, plant-based ingredients we offer taste experiences that challenge conventional thinking and make it simple to choose the “healthy” option of what you consume.

Life is full of possibilities – with Lost Coast Food Co. you can fuel your passion.

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